Giggles and Grace

Welcome to GIGGLES and GRACE. I hope to share with you my journey out of the workplace to a life at home with my three girls and husband. In a world that values success and achievement, I have struggled with my decision to stay at home. God has given me this direction to come home and re-center my heart and life at home with my girls and husband, and more importantly at home with Him. In this blog I hope to capture my journey to my physical home and my journey to my spiritual home, heaven. Join me as I share about my struggles, accomplishments, giggling and most of all the grace I need to be the wife, mom, friend, and woman God has called me to be. I hope to provide some laughter, ideas, and food for thought into your life. Join me in one mom’s journey home.



8 thoughts on “Giggles and Grace

    1. For sure SaRA! And don’t get me wrong, I do not judge, God has His place for each of us, we just have to listen. For some that is in the workplace, for others on the mission field, and for others the home. I am sure there are countless other places too! Praying for you!

  1. Teresa:
    I can’t wait to follow your posts!
    It takes quite a lot of guts to make that transition and I admire you. Ultimately, we are here to leave a legacy, and your little ones’ lives is by far the best investment you could have ever made! You can’t ever get laid off or demoted from motherhood, but you keep receiving daily bonuses of cute scribbled drawings, snotty kisses, and those priceless moments of genuine laughs at their funnyisms!
    Love you!
    Your GiggleFan!

  2. Good for you, leaving the workplace! I’ve been working part-time for the last five years and know that I’m much happier than if I worked full-time. I know it’s especially difficulty for those with good educations and work prospects to make the choice to stay home, so I especially admire you doing it. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks Courtney! It was defintely not an easy decision. I will be posting more over the coming weeks about all the things that led me to this point! I was part time since my oldest was born, like you. But it just stopped working for us.

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