The Carrot Caterpillar

In my Garden this afternoon I pulled up the carrots we plants months ago. We honestly had begun to think these carrots were duds. Well little did I know ignoring them for a week will allow them to surprise me! We actually had carrots for dinner. I never cease to be in awe of using produce from the Giggling Garden for meals and snacks. I just get this little flutter in my heart that says “this is the fruit of your labor” and can’t help but to think this is how God intended it. He wants and desires for each of us to have joy in our lives, and work as we are working unto the Lord, and I think that is what the feeling inside me, and giddiness, and desire to scream to the world, ” Look at this! This came from my Garden! ” Of course then that would possibly be an issue with Pride, but that is another story. For me, a new homemaker it feels more like,” I honestly can’t believe I did that. I actually managed to grow something we can eat.”  Now I have to give credit where it is due, Hubby has been a tremendous help with the Garden. In fact without Hubby, there would be no Garden. Ria was a big help in the Garden this year with weeding and picking veggies. Ria and Nana helped with the planting, and well Lala just kept trying to steal the tools.

So by now you might be wondering, where does the caterpillar come in. Well in the greens of the carrots we brought in we found the cutest little caterpillar. Being a good home school mom, my first thoughts were “science experiment!” So now the Carrot Caterpillar lives in a mason jar in the home school room and fingers crossed we will get to watch him turn into the moth or butterfly he is supposed to become.


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