One of those days

Today was one of those days. The day that makes you question, why did I have kids? Can I really handle being a stay at home mom? I am a disorganized mess and don’t have my act together! Today is a day that I need GRACE. I need GRACE from my heavenly father for losing my temper, I need GRACE from my kids for having lost that temper towards them. I need GRACE from my hubby for being too harsh, and I need GRACE from myself for not living up to all I want to be.

The day actually started great, I got out for a walk with the dogs for 30 minutes. I am relegated to only walking right now as I have tendonitis in my foot. I do miss my runs, but I will talk a walk on a brisk morning!  My head started to pound, and I started to slow down. And has anyone ever tried getting 3 kids under 6 years old out the door in the mornings? Then you add a headache on top of that! We needed to be out the door by 9am to head to the Belle of Louisville for a home school field trip. Well needless to say this didn’t happen, so we had to miss the field trip. While I can roll with it, at some point it is just not worth the stress of pushing yourself with 3 little ones, my oldest struggles to roll with it.

We had consolation to some extent by heading to the park. Well at the park the day actually began to redeem itself. Ria finally did the monkey bars by herself! Yahoo! Now next step to some playground freedom for mommy is to get her to be able to pump herself on the swing. (Any tips on how to teach that are welcome. All my attempts have failed) I am so excited for Ria and this awesome accomplishment!

From the park we went to the grocery store. The kids actually did fantastic in the grocery! I so often dread going with them because they argue with each other and touch everything and beg for too much. But today was different. I am so excited, then I got to the check out lane and could not find my keys! Uh oh, I must have locked them in the car. Well we get to the car, and I can not see them in the car anywhere (through tinted windows visibility is limited). Anyways, keep in mind kids in tow, I then have to get down on the ground trying to look for the hidden key under the van. No success . . . Luckily a Kroger employee happens by, lets me use the phone to call hubby. Then another Kroger employee comes and helps me look under car. No success. Then the other employee decides to go check with customer service, SUCCESS!!! Thank you Kroger employees! I was a pretty loyal Kroger shopper before, but even more so now after how friendly and helpful they were to me in my time of need. I am so grateful for answer to small prayers, as I was looking for the key at first I prayed God would send someone to help me, especially to keep an eye on the kids, and God provided! So while I say it was one of those days, it was also one of those days that I remember God is in the details. God is in the little things. God cares enough for each of us to take care of us in those desperate moments. Thank you Lord for providing for me and my little ones today. Thank you for your GRACE.


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