Superglue for a Supergirl or not!

Ok, so in my house I have never been the fixer of broken things. the kids even always say, Daddy will fix it. They know! Daddy is Mr. Fix it. However tonight I attempted to fix something myself. I get tired of letting Hubby have all the superglue fun. Well NEVER AGAIN! I managed to superglue what I was fixing (a small magnet) to the sink, got superglue on the counter, and all over my fingers. This Supergirl will never try Supergluing again. It stays on the list of things that Daddy can fix!

3 thoughts on “Superglue for a Supergirl or not!

  1. I’ve done that! Well, sadly, I got superglue on our wood floors AND our countertop. My husband was not as supportive as yours! Haha!! I took the finish off both times. 😦 Eek!

  2. That Hubby’s so sweet!! As for the super glue – go for the teeny, tiny “one use” tubes. It’s REALLY hard to make a mess because such a small amount comes out at a time.

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