Just another Manic Monday!

Today was a day adjusting back to some normalcy in routine, but was a crazy manic Monday as well. We traveled for the month of September. Hubby to China for work, and the girls to North Palm Beach for my brother’s wedding, St. Augustine for fun with Mema and Grandaddy, Auburn Alabama for cousin and Oma and Opa time, and Atlanta for some time with my college buds. I will post more about the trip later, but needless to say things were NOT routine for September. Last week was spent trying to just settle back into life in KY with Daddy, Dogs and Doctors. So today marked “normal” day one. It started with a dr. apt for me this am . . .

six weeks living with this guy!

I have a friend I will be living with for the next six weeks! It is official, the MRI results were back and I have a tear in my perineal tendon of my left foot. 6 weeks in the boot and then PT. Let me tell you how much I look forward to the next 6 weeks!

Helping Lala learn "c" and "k"

Daddy took on Bible time for home school while I was off for that, then when I got home we hit the ground running. Today was the best day of schooling yet, I actually did something with all 3 of them! We started the school day on our backs on the floor practicing the “c” or “K” sound with Lala. The speech therapist recommended we lay on our backs because that is where the sound comes from. The big girls had fun helping!

Loving School

Then it was time to get some lessons in for Nana. We are working on the letter P, and we did some patterning and fun Princess worksheets. Then I was able to send Lala to her room for playtime and focus on Ria. This worked great!


Lunchtime was another “fun” lunch with my new cookie cutter set and History lesson time. I actually managed to get all the reading I needed to done during lunch! Normally Lala doesn’t let me get it all done!

Nana’s Lunch

Then we had a home school field trip to see the K9 unit of the Local Police Department. This was factual and very interesting. The girls had fun, and Titter will be writing a report about it tomorrow with pictures from the demonstration. It was great for them see what it means to have a “working dog” and gain understanding of police work and how they help make our lives safe.

 Then Ria had a friend she has had since she was 2 come over and play, then they went to sell Lemonade to raise money for the local food bank. She had fun and was super excited when daddy stopped by as a customer.

Then the real fun began tonight as Ria got to rock it old school for a skating party with the girl scouts. She did amazing! She was out there trying so hard by herself with whining or complaining. I am so proud of her! Proud of her willingness to try, proud of her courage for skating on her own! I am one proud mama! She had so much fun she was in tears when it was over because she wanted to keep skating. I LOVE SKATING, so I am excited to be able to take her again as soon as my foot heals up. The little ones did amazing during the event. Hubby had an event at church, so the little ones tagged along with me, but because of my foot, I would not let them skate (besides I am not that insane)! Lala was strapped into her stroller for close to 2 hours, she ate, played and just watched. She “asked” to have skates on her feet several times. Once I let her out after the crowd thinned, I knew keeping her strapped in had been a wise decision, she was EVERYWHERE! And especially wanting to go out on the skating rink. We did watch Ria from the rail and would just smile and babble all about it. Nana kept herself occupied with coloring and stamps that I brought along to entertain.

So all in all today was a great day, even though it was a manic monday! A day that reminds me, I CAN DO THIS. Thank you God for the glimpses of Grace and the courage to keep going.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the photos!


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