A Wow Wednesday!

Lots of excitement here among the Giggling G’s. Ria (the eldest) finally has a loose tooth! At almost 6 and a half, all of her close friends have already lost there first, and some even second, third, and fourth. But Ria was quite distressed over this and wondering when it will be her turn! Well finally we have a loose tooth! Yeah! That was our wake up this morning.

Then I was totally shocked this evening to realize we have a butterfly! If you remember a few weeks ago I posted that we started a science experiment with the Carrot Caterpillar. It turned  itself into a Pupa. But because it formed it on a stem and not a twig, we didn’t think it would amount too much. But as I was passing by the kitchen where it was stored the beautiful wings caught my eye! We tried to release him outside, but he wouldn’t fly. It is a bit rainy and cold tonight too, so we are going to keep him inside for a while. We will see how that goes. He has been named Beauty Jane Lily. The irony is that the daughter that gave the Lily name was almost a Lily herself (and she doesn’t know that).


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