Soul Food

So a little fact about myself, I teach 5 year olds at Kids Church. I have been teaching kids for a long time now, but been with this age group for a little over a year now. I love this age. But a Sunday recently I had an amazing opportunity. Normally Hubby does not work with me with this group, but for this one week he did. Want to talk about God ordaining that! Here is why.

There is a family in our church who just adopted two boy from Ethiopia. They have been home for just a month, and I had the privilege of being the teacher the first time they were both dropped off for Kids church. One boy is very outgoing and the other very shy. Both struggle with English at this point. Hubby was able to focus on these two during the class and help them participate. They seemed to really bond with him. It was amazing to watch. I don’t get to see Hubby interact with kids other than our own or nieces and nephews very often. But he is amazing with kids. And these boys really took to him. We played a game where the kids were paired off. The boys were paired together and Hubby helped them. They won! Hubby gave them High Fives, and one of the boys taught Hubby the High Five from his home country. Throughout the hour I had them in class it was just amazing to watch them grow from sitting there to actively participating. Especially in our dancing. When they left the both gave use smiles! I feel incredibly privileged to have witnessed this first time in Kids Church, their interaction with my Hubby, and the chance to watch them grow as the adapt to life with their new family and the USA. Thank you God for giving me enough GRACE to get to watch your plan in action! May God be with this family and these two adorable boys, bless them richly, and bring them to knowledge of our God!


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