Tasty Tuesday – a day late

I won’t take credit for this recipe (though I have some of my own to share), but in the midst of tailgate season I can’t pass up sharing these. I had the awesome privilege of spending last weekend in Jacksonville/ St. Augustine, FL. To my college football fan readers you all know it was the infamous UGA/FL Game weekend. As a Georgia Tech Alum I have always steered clear of this game. tailgate and anything associated to it. But it is my family’s rival weekend. My Dad’s family are all Bulldogs (I even grew up one), and my Aunt’s family are all Gators. They always get together and have some good old fashion rivalry fun and partying for the weekend around the game. The tailgating had some great food and this was one of the breakfast items my Aunt (Nane) made. Thank you Nane! I will warn you all though, they are porkarrific! So if you steer clear of pork, don’t even read on.  seriously I can’t even begin to tell you how addictivly good these were. I think I had 5.


Bacon Smokies

8 servings


  1. 1 pound thin sliced bacon
  2. 1 package smokie cocktail wieners
  3. ¼ to ½ C brown sugar

1. Cut bacon slices into thirds
2. Wrap each wiener with a piece of bacon
3. Pierce a took pick through to keep bacon in place
4. Cover a large baking pan with aluminum foil
5. Place seam side down in baking pan
6. Sprinkle brown sugar over wieners
7. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes to 1 hour

Can wrap wieners in bacon ahead of time and keep in a Ziploc bag in refrigerator or freezer until ready to bake. Sprinkle sugar right before baking.


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