Get to know me

I am a new stay at home mom to three gorgeous giggling girls and a doting husband. In spring of 2011 I felt the Lord calling me to leave the workplace and be a full-time mom and homemaker. This scared (still scares) the living daylights out of me. I also felt at the same time God was calling me to write a blog to share my journey with other women struggling with the same thing.

The source of Giggles and Grace

Giggles – I have 3 girls (aged 6, 3, and 2), we have a lot of giggling in our house

Grace – the whole family (Alex, Teresa, Ria, Nana, and Lala) have a middle name with the same meaning; Gracious One. This is so fitting as we all need GRACE from God in our lives and we need to learn to have GRACE with one another.

Our last name also begins with a G, so we have lots of fun with finding words to use to describe things that begin with G. The most popular at the moment is the “Giggling ‘G’ Girls” or G^3.

 The Source of One Mom’s Journey Home

The call on my life to turn my heart towards my earthly home, and keep my heart on my heavenly home


Hubby – Married for 9 years

Ria – 6 years old and full of spunk!

Nana- 3 years old and my contemplater!

Lala- 2 years old and Trouble with a capital T!


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