Backing Up

So I started this Blog because I want to be real and honest about life as a mom, and the transition home. So here goes some embarrassing honesty.

I left my job in June 2011. My last day was on a Friday. On Monday we had speech therapy for Lala, and swim lessons for the other two (or so I thought). My mom was visiting and my hubby was home. I say all that tell you there were a lot more cars around than can normally be accounted for in my garage, driveway, and parked on the street in front of my house. Needless to say, being flustered because I was running late I backed into the speech therapist car! Not a GOOD start to being an at home mom. No more income from me and then I turn around and cost us some major money! So strike one.

Strike two goes something like this, I thought swim lessons began on that Monday. However I was wrong, they actually started on Tuesday. I knew the date for the first lesson, and I honestly thought it was that day. I mean who starts lessons on a Tuesday when they are everyday! So needless to say I had two very grumpy girls instead of giggling girls that they didn’t get to swim. As consolation I took them to the pool at the YMCA taking advantage of mom’s presence and not having to drag Lala with me. But due to my error, I promptly went out and bought a planner. I had been using my Outlook on my work computer to track my calender. Lesson learned!

While I am sure there have been more striked from june until now, I think I will count this one as strike three because of its correlation to strike one. Can you guess what happened? Yes, I backed into a car again! This time a friend’s car! I mean seriously how can I back into 2 cars in 6 months!!!!! Both to people I know. Humble Pie, that is what I have been eating lately. So to my credit I think my van has a huge blind spot, and I think both times these cars were right in that blind spot. Both times I was out of routine. But still seriously! God what are you trying to teach me, cause I want to make sure I got it, because I am really not sure how much lower I can sink . . . .

Hopefully my backing into cars days will be over soon. We are acquiring a new to us Van in a few days and it does have an alert system to warn me of objects behind me!!!! We shall see!


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